Local Community Art Therapy Activities

If you love ceramics and community art groups as much as I do, you've got to check out Violet Hive in Denver, located on Colfax just South of the Zoo. Having so many art supplies available and getting to make art alongside other creative minds can be great for reviving the soul. Day to day work sometimes can be draining, making time for creativity is a must. So get out and get creative! In October Violet Hive is hosting a ceramics class on Sundays for Adults, and a whole bunch of activities for youth. Check them out, they are a great community resource and just a good hearted non-profit to boot!

I am not affiliated with any of my highlighted community groups, centers or activities. I benefit by encouraging clients to get involved in their community because feeling part of something bigger and encouraging community minded individuals is good for everyone. I am an advocate for health and happiness. Enjoy!