2020 Offering Supervision for Post Graduate Students

Iā€™m happy to announce that starting 2020 I will be offering Supervision for Post Graduate Students as they enter the work field and apply their new skills. With 10 years of experience with inpatient and outpatient therapy care and completion of my ATR-BC I plan to continue my advanced clinical supervisor training and achieve my Art Therapy Certification as a Supervisor (ATCS). I take great pride in the work I do and seek to do it to the best of my abilities. I look forward to working with LPC candidates, Art Therapists or dual degree candidates. Please contact me if you would like to discuss if my approach is a good match for supporting you in your future career path. I am to this day extremely grateful for the training I recieved from my clinical supervisors and honored to be passing on those tools to another generation of skilled practitioners.

Medicaid Approved Provider!

I am a strong advocate for communities having access to skilled and qualified therapists for achieving long term wellness, so I have become paneled with Colorado Medicaid providers both Colorado Access & BHI as of November 2017. I will be providing my usual 60 min session of regular talk therapy or infused with art therapy for those whom creativity is a healing outlet. I look forward to working with my Medicaid clients find the recovery step they are looking for to gain health and stability.  When you call have your Medicaid # handy so I can confirm I am an approved provider for your specific plan so we can make sure you get served by a provider as quickly as possible. Mental health is important for everyone, and I am very pleased to be a part of serving the community. Give me a call or email to let me know how I can help.

"10 Mindful Minutes" A Parenting Must Read

If you haven't checked out "10 Mindful Minutes" by Goldie Hawn & Wendy Holden, it is a must read for any parent wanting to equip their children with how to have and care for emotions in order to be happy and successful. To not only raise intelligent children, but emotionally intelligent children that aren't just book smart but know how to work through emotional stress that comes with school, relationships, struggle, and the tough parts of life. It's easy to read and rich with new info from the fields of psychology and neurology. This is a rare book were the tools learned not only enrich the child's life but also the parents. So whether it is checking it out from the library or buying it, I would highly recommend taking the time to read this one.

Local Community Art Therapy Activities

If you love ceramics and community art groups as much as I do, you've got to check out Violet Hive in Denver, located on Colfax just South of the Zoo. Having so many art supplies available and getting to make art alongside other creative minds can be great for reviving the soul. Day to day work sometimes can be draining, making time for creativity is a must. So get out and get creative! In October Violet Hive is hosting a ceramics class on Sundays for Adults, and a whole bunch of activities for youth. Check them out, they are a great community resource and just a good hearted non-profit to boot!

I am not affiliated with any of my highlighted community groups, centers or activities. I benefit by encouraging clients to get involved in their community because feeling part of something bigger and encouraging community minded individuals is good for everyone. I am an advocate for health and happiness. Enjoy!